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Candiceis about to take it down


United States
New Jersey
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I'd Like to Meet
FDR, Michio Kaku, Shakira, Bernard Hopkins, Selma Hayek, Steven Hawkins, Simon Gange(I'd rape him), Johnny Depp(I'd rape him too), Hillary Clinton, Dr. Ralph Alan Dale, Manny Pacuiou, Samuel L. Jackson
Favorite Music
Let's just say anything from DMX to Disturbed to Bob Dylan to The Temptations to Wisin y Yandel
Favorite Movies
Any Quintin Tarantino movie is awesome. I love war movies: Glory, The Patriot, Windtalkers, 300, etc. Epic movies are great too: Pirates of the Carribean, Lord of the Rings, and Star Wars. The best ever is Scarface!!
Favorite TV Shows
I mainly watch shows that are on Comedy Central, History Channel, Science Channel, NGC, or CSPAN.
Favorite Books
The Bible is the greatest book ever written. The Secret completely had me intrigued with quantum mechanics. Other great books are Tao Te Ching, Bavagad Gita, and Metaphysical Meditations.
Aside from my son: politics, religion, boxing, philosophy, quantum mechanics, economics, and drinking:)

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About Me

My full name is Candice Marie Martinez. I live in Bellmawr, but I grew up in Deptford. My whole family kind of did. The most beautiful thing in my life is my son David. Nothing has ever light up a dark place as he did. I used to be a real good kid, then I got really bad. My son has been my redemption since then. My race is of a mixed origen: mexican and white. My studies are done at Camden County College; major is communications. Eventually, I will go on to an actually university where my major will stay the same with a minor in politics. I happen to be a third party loser. Pretty much, I'm a geek. I have some strange interests, behaviors, and qurks. My views are very darwinistic, though I am a person of faith. I also tend to be a little fruedian in my ideas. The ultimate dream of my life is to chase and record a tornado. I have a wierd obsession with those things. Lastly, the sports I like the most are the ones where people get hurt the most.